Recall Signatures


Note that well over 80% of recall signatures were collected by people living outside the city.
Their affidavits (click link below) give their address--Texas, Michigan, California, Nevada, etc.
Many others were from the Denver area. Of the 61 affidavits, the only one that seemed to be from a resident of District 4 was the first one, by recall organizer Deborah Hendrix--TWO signatures of their 3,007 total.

Payment Schedule

The three-page payment schedule (click link below) shows Helen's foes spent at least $14,122 buying signatures. Did the organizers also pay their travel costs, motel bills, meals, and other expenses? People would not come here from other states and spend all their income on daily living costs; they would end up with nothing. If organizers paid their costs, that means the filed declaration is false.