NO City Hall Ethics

Another Hit Piece by the Gazette

The reporter got it wrong, again. The City's lien was paid at the closing of the sale.

Note all the illegalities in the City's actions. Why won't the Gazette cover them? 


Subject:     CORRECTION
Date:     Fri, 18 Sep 2015 05:23:03 -0600
From:     Douglas Bruce <>
To:     Billie Stanton <>



(Reference Gazette article:  Warning, article restricted by Gazette paywall)

Notice the council president admits this process (witch hunt) is a waste of time and money. So WHY are they doing it? They have illegally spent over $42,000 so far.


Judge out of Collins case

From Colorado Springs Independent:

" Retired Judge Robert Hyatt has recused himself from presiding over a hearing on allegations of ethics violations against City Councilor Helen Collins. The City Attorney's Office filed a complaint in January regarding a land transaction involving Collins and Douglas Bruce. Hyatt presided over the Colorado State Grand Jury at the time Bruce was indicted for tax evasion.

The city has committed at least $42,300 so far on legal work for the ethics case. — PZ "


Is the "Ion" moron receiving the same blood money as Dede Laugesen? An entire website and organization devoted to relentlessly lodge ad hominem attacks on ONE PERSON. Watch out the next person that dare cross the development community...ION will collect a paycheck to call you names as well. Maybe we should just have ION cut their heads off on TV because Ion's pimps don't like them--Ion can be the developers' little Jihad Johnny. He can even wear a hood over his head to hide who he is.

City Leaders are obsessed with getting Collins off the Council.

Nice summary, Liberty. Agree that this ethics investigation is unethical - and an "abortion of justice". What we are witnessing is a crime being committed by govt officials who possess the power to destroy a person's reputation, career, and future. This ethics probe is disgusting conduct on the part of the City attorney, the Council, and those evil gnomes who are in the shadows pulling the strings, our City Leaders.


City Hall tried to pull a fast one on Helen. Someone chose as the (biased) hearing officer for her ethics

Collins' ethics investigation itself is a picture of an ethics problem.

The City is now up to at least $30,000 on a witch hunt. The amount the City originally claimed Collins' transaction "defrauded the City" was already paid and was less than $8,000. This is why the City can't care for roads and stormwater. And...instead of conducting the hearing themselves, as allowed in their own procedures and as Collins herself requested, Council has taken two months to locate a former crooked judge to whom they'll pay 10,000 to do the job. Meanwhile Helen Collins NEVER eats a taxpayer-funded meal like ALL of her colleagues do at least twice a month.

Ethics Charges Response

This is Helen's reply to Council President Bennett's signed indictment. Let the games begin.

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Subject:     Ethics Charges Response
Date:     Sun, 14 Jun 2015 13:56:55 -0700
From:     Helen Collins <>
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Open meetings advocate says Colorado Springs council broke state law

In this political farce, only the council has violated the law. Only the council has caused the waste
of tens of thousands of tax dollars by hiring two Denver lawyers (soon to be three and eventually four). Helen will not cower before their herd instinct. She stays loyal to a friend in temporary legal difficulty, a condition which will be reversed on appeal. She will then fight back and make the city pay for its demand for a political show trial (the kind Josef Stalin orchestrated in the Soviet Union).