NO City Hall Ethics

Motion to Recuse and/or Disqualify, and Motion to Dismiss

Respondent Helen Collins, city council member, moves that the city council, and each of those other eight council members, be disqualified from voting on the hearing officer report in this case, and/or that they recuse themselves individually from such voting, and that the report be rejected and the case dismissed.

32 Reasons Why This "Ethics" Hearing is Illegal,

The attached document lists 32 reasons why this "ethics" hearing is illegal, biased, and unfair.
There are other reasons.

The "Independent Ethics Commission" (IEC) works out of the office of the city attorney., She filed the complaint "on behalf of the City of Colorado Springs." The city attorney then leaked her complaint to the Independent newspaper in violation of the confidentiality rule on ethics complaints. Her complaint that Collins cost the city money was found to be false, but the case continues anyway.

Motion to Cancel Hearing

The claim this witch hunt is an "arbitration" hearing is crazy. See the definition of arbitration. The unappointed hearing officer's claim he has the right to issue subpoenas as someone "akin" to an arbiter is absurd. He also just admitted a pre-existing relationship with the law firm prosecuting the case for the City Council. That disqualifies him from hearing the case according to the arbitration statute. He is demanding $3,000 per day if he does NOT hold a hearing. What  a ripoff!


Collins has filed THREE motions for this illegally-picked hearing officer to withdraw (see website). Now his SECRETARY is dictating his pay schedule. He wants $3,000 PER DAY for NOT WORKING (if the hearing is delayed). 

Motion to Disqualify Judge #2

City Hall has made another illegal appointment--their latest attempt to try me in a kangaroo court proceeding. (That statement may be unfair to kangaroos.) Read how openly lawless their conduct is. 


Since December, City Hall has been trying to frame Helen Collins by a guilt-by-association smear with Douglas Bruce. Their effort to recall her failed in April. Now they want to brand her as "unethical" before a 2017 re-election campaign.

Their puppets at the "Independent" Ethics Commission don't even have an office! Their only postal and email address is the city attorney's postal and email address. She is officially their legal advisor. The city attorney filed the political charge against Helen, timing it to affect the recall election, which Helen won.

Re: “Council splits rushed bill, halts new cannabis clubs”

This invites the question as to what the city has been doing to draft a licensing and legal structure for cannabis clubs in the last nine months. Collins asked that very question..."

Collins should be careful when questioning the work ethic of the City Attorney's Office. Such questions have already led to the City Attorney filing ethics charges on Collins.


$43K down the drain. $43K squandered for no purpose.

Here is an astute observation by a citizen. Council, are you ready to end your pointless vendetta against your colleague? It will save you numerous pre-trial motions and many months of litigation.

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