Official recall of Helen Collins started

Council President Keith King says he thinks the effort to recall Collins is a sign of a "very aggressive" political climate, noting he's heard of similar efforts aimed at him in the past. He says he thinks that some may feel that Collins is "too conservative" for the district, but says she was elected fairly and it's "too bad" she's being targeted.
"I think she’s been working hard for the district,” he says.  

Colorado Springs council member wants to take up issue of severance packages

A Colorado Springs council member is floating a city ordinance that would make it illegal to give severance packages to city employees without City Council consent.  

Council member Helen Collins said such payouts are equal to stealing from the taxpayers, mainly because the payouts are not made public and vary from employee to employee.

Gazette ought to disclose Laugesen’s connection to Steve House campaign

The Colorado Springs Gazette fired a lightening bolt at GOP gubernatorial primary candidate Scott Gessler this week that engaged in a thorough take-down of the secretary of state.

The editorial should have disclosed that Editorial Page Editor Wayne Laugesen’s wife, Dede Laugesen, recently joined a rival GOP primary gubernatorial campaign as its paid communications director.