GT EDITORIAL: Collins snubs money district needs

Note the bloggers criticize the Gazette, not Helen.

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Colorado Springs recall question goes to ballot despite disagreement

The Colorado Springs City Council voted Tuesday to put the Helen Collins recall question on the April ballot despite concerns from District 4 citizens that the city has not allowed 
the proper protest period. Robert Blancken, who lives in District 4, said the city's charter gives residents 40...

Ruckus over recall timing

At issue is the City Charter and city code recall requirements. Douglas Bruce, an anti-tax activist who supports Collins, says certain procedures, including a 40-day protest period, an administrative hearing and the option of a District Court appeal, make it impossible to place the recall on the April ballot. "You can't take away the rights of citizens [to protest]," he says.

Constituents protest looming recall election of councilwoman

"They're trying to fast track this recall," said Robert Blancken. "It's just dirty politics in Colorado Springs."

Blancken is a 30 year resident of District 4 in Southeast Colorado Springs. He claims council is violating city charter by setting the recall election date before the 40 day review process is complete. The signatures to get the recall on the ballot were certified by the city clerk on January 14th. Blancken and Collins believe a review will turn up invalid signatures.

City clerk approves petition to recall District 4 councilwoman

Keith King says this is the first time in almost 20 years that there’s been a recall for a city council person, and says Collins has been doing a good job representing her district.

"She has done nothing in appropriate and she has voted her values and thinks that she should be able to serve,” Keith King, City Council President said.

Recall organizer has skeletons in her own closet

But one of the recall agents, Deborah Hendrix, herself has a tax lien from the IRS, as well as a criminal conviction involving children.

Govenment Watch group funding recall effort against Councilwoman Collins

The newly formed nonprofit group Colorado Springs Government Watch has jumped into the recall effort against City Councilwoman Helen Collins by paying folks to collect signatures. The group’s executive director Dede Laugesen (the wife of The Gazette’s Editorial page editor Wayne Laugesen) said...

Deborah Hendrix talks about Collins recall

Collins beat Hendrix and two other candidates vying for the District 4 seat in the April 2013 city elections. But Hendrix says she has no interest in taking the seat this time around, and will not run for it.