Finger Pointing

Now I know why Helen Collins was targeted for recall by three officials of
Harrison School District 2. She extended her forefinger, pointing out a dumb
liberal, and the administrators thought she was homicidal.

(name withheld for fear of expulsion)


Wed, 03/04/2015

Hiding in plain sight

What should Colorado Springs do, now that we are challenged with political interference from an out-of-town entity whose actions are disruptive and unpredictable? And where's all their money coming from?

Wed, 02/18/2015

Let me get this straight

Dear editor,

Let me get this straight. Deborah Hendrix, the person Councilmember Helen Collins defeated in 2013, started a recall against Collins. Hendrix criticized Collins for opposing a tax increase lastfall. Hendrix  also wrote that Collins did not represent the views of the district in her personal vote.

Collins showed 16 of her district's 17 precincts shared her view by their majority vote against issue 1B, the "rain tax."

Thu, 01/29/2015

Hunting hawks

I see that there is a movement afoot to recall City Councilor Helen Collins. I have to ask: Why?

I know a few from District 4, and none want this recall. Is this recall even from constituents in her area? Could it be from outside interests who would benefit financially from getting a financial hawk off Council?

Even though she is not "my" councilperson, what she has done so far, I like.

First, she refused to take the "perks" of office such as the expense account for travel and the tax-paid meals, stating it is against the city charter to do so.

Thu, 01/22/2015

from Indy blog

Ed Jones does not live in district 4. Wouldn't it be shady if he "rents" an apartment from a friend there just to get back into the political limelight? We need the new ideas and truths Helen Collins brings to the table, not just another recycled member of the "good old boys" club. This is how Colorado Springs has been governed for years and look at our prosperity today (where?). We need lower utility rates, you and I are paying for the Southern Delivery System which will give the developer of Banning Lewis Ranch a free water system.

Wed, 01/21/2015

Please fight!

 From:   ( name deleted to prevent retaliation)
     Subject: Please fight!

    Hi Helen,
    I can’t encourage you enough to hang in there and fight this.
    Jon and I are in CA for the month but would like to help in
    whatever way we can. The 912 group is waiting on your decision and
    will want to jump in also.

Fri, 01/16/2015

Helen Collins must stay


 I am writing to you on behalf of City Councilwoman Helen Collins,
 serving District 4 of Colorado Springs.

 While I realize that some of you may not live within her district or
 even within the city of Colorado Springs, I guess that many of you know
 people who do live here. Please accept my plea to spread the word about
 the good intent of this dedicated and honest civil servant, and ask
 informed voters to cast their vote in the April 2015 election.

Thu, 01/15/2015