Illegal Election


This sordid story would be great political fiction, except it's true. What City Hall did to Councilmember Helen Collins should not happen to any citizen. It is a factual account of city government corruption.

The dirty tactics of the recallers have already been exposed. See “Opposition” at This essay focuses on the dishonest and illegal actions of city employees and elected officials trying to railroad Helen Collins into a premature recall election.

Secretary of State confirms legal right to review recall signatures

Note the recall signatures were filed January 8, and citizens have 40 days to file a protest challenging their validity. That would be until February 17. On January 27, the city council prematurely put the recall election on the April 7 ballot, disregarding the legal right of citizens to protest, and creating a likely mess. What if the protest proves the signatures were insufficient? Does that invalidate the election? Does the city tell citizens "Your votes don't count?" Do the recallers still have the right to collect added signatures?