Payment Schedule

The three-page payment schedule (click link below) shows Helen's foes spent at least $14,122 buying signatures. Did the organizers also pay their travel costs, motel bills, meals, and other expenses? People would not come here from other states and spend all their income on daily living costs; they would end up with nothing. If organizers paid their costs, that means the filed declaration is false.

Remember also that Article XXVIII of the Colorado Constitution requires city campaigns to file regular finance reports--opening a bank account, identifying all donors, and identifying all spending. As of the date the petitions were filed, the organizers had not filed any report. That means they illegally concealed their donors and their spending.

What a contrast! Helen Collins has obeyed the law and filed all her finance reports when due. Her opponents have filed no campaign reports, except one that seems suspicious on its face. Who donated that $14,122 (PLUS) to stop Helen from doing her job, and why? Think about it.