Motion to Cancel Hearing

The claim this witch hunt is an "arbitration" hearing is crazy. See the definition of arbitration. The unappointed hearing officer's claim he has the right to issue subpoenas as someone "akin" to an arbiter is absurd. He also just admitted a pre-existing relationship with the law firm prosecuting the case for the City Council. That disqualifies him from hearing the case according to the arbitration statute. He is demanding $3,000 per day if he does NOT hold a hearing. What  a ripoff!

Helen Collins still does not know who is her accuser (see the case caption). It can't be the IEC; it does investigations only. The hearing officer won't tell her. He refused her discovery request for the "evidence." Talk about a sham proceeding! This charade will cost City taxpayers over $100K before we even get to Helen's civil rights lawsuit against the city council plus these legal thugs (three Denver lawyers, none appointed by the council as required by 13-90 (b) of the Charter), plus the city attorney behind the scenes who filed the charges, which were dismissed, and violated the legal confidentiality requirement in the ethics law by sending her charges to the press before any investigation.

Their unified goal is to brand Collins as "unethical" to impair her running for 2017 re-election.