Let me get this straight

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dear editor,

Let me get this straight. Deborah Hendrix, the person Councilmember Helen Collins defeated in 2013, started a recall against Collins. Hendrix criticized Collins for opposing a tax increase lastfall. Hendrix  also wrote that Collins did not represent the views of the district in her personal vote.

Collins showed 16 of her district's 17 precincts shared her view by their majority vote against issue 1B, the "rain tax."

Now we learn Hendrix admits she owes the IRS $22,000 in back taxes. So Hendrix says, "We should all vote for higher taxes, but I won't pay them." No wonder she felt qualified to run for office and support higher taxes.

See CollinsforCouncil.com for corroboration of this hypocritical political sniping.

(name withheld to prevent retaliation)