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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ed Jones does not live in district 4. Wouldn't it be shady if he "rents" an apartment from a friend there just to get back into the political limelight? We need the new ideas and truths Helen Collins brings to the table, not just another recycled member of the "good old boys" club. This is how Colorado Springs has been governed for years and look at our prosperity today (where?). We need lower utility rates, you and I are paying for the Southern Delivery System which will give the developer of Banning Lewis Ranch a free water system. It is Pueblo that demands the storm water infrastructure not El Paso County. Follow the money Colorado Springs, we are owned by the developers and Home Builders Association who reap huge, multiple benefits from us, the tax payers. Helen Collins has brought this to light and there's big money behind her recall, just for this reason. Fight the bureaucracy and keep your hard working city council member, Helen, in office. She is the only hope this city has.