Hunting hawks

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I see that there is a movement afoot to recall City Councilor Helen Collins. I have to ask: Why?

I know a few from District 4, and none want this recall. Is this recall even from constituents in her area? Could it be from outside interests who would benefit financially from getting a financial hawk off Council?

Even though she is not "my" councilperson, what she has done so far, I like.

First, she refused to take the "perks" of office such as the expense account for travel and the tax-paid meals, stating it is against the city charter to do so.

Second, she came out against the stormwater tax initiative!

Third, she wanted to return excess TABOR money to taxpayers. That is why we voted for TABOR, wasn't it? What is wrong with that? Yes the city needs money, but it should be up to the taxpayers to vote on whether or not this money gets used for parks, or stormwater, or whatever.

Fourth, she always seemed to vote against utility rate hikes. I know the city needs money to function, but City Hall gets something like $30 million from excess utility revenue called PILTs (payments in lieu of taxes). I believe that these violate Issue 300, which we voters approved in 2009 to phase out those illegal payments over eight years and lower our utility rates.

If citizens want certain things, then let them pay for their desires. They can send their TABOR checks to the city and say, use it!

I wish we had more like Collins on City Council, who do watch expenditures! I urge all who may vote on a recall to keep her on Council. Tell "outside" interests to go away!

— Helen Sabin

Colorado Springs