Notice this illegal campaign finance report does not list the real donors of the $46,000 contributed so far to remove Helen Collins from office. It lists only another campaign committee, which does not list those donors either and says its money came from itself (!) That shift is called "money laundering" to conceal its true source.

That other committee, Colorado Springs Government Watch, is headed by Dede Laugesen, the wife of the editorial writer for the Gazette. Now you can understand the slanted news coverage and nasty editorials coming from the Gazette on the subject of Helen's service on council. Why?

The Gazette is owned by multi-billionaire Phil Anschutz, who also owns the Broadmoor Hotel, the World Arena, Seven Falls, and many other properties in town.Downtown property owners don't like Helen opposing their plan to get a $235 million city tax subsidy for sale of their polluted downtown land. Helen is fighting this raid on the public treasury.