Since December, City Hall has been trying to frame Helen Collins by a guilt-by-association smear with Douglas Bruce. Their effort to recall her failed in April. Now they want to brand her as "unethical" before a 2017 re-election campaign.

Their puppets at the "Independent" Ethics Commission don't even have an office! Their only postal and email address is the city attorney's postal and email address. She is officially their legal advisor. The city attorney filed the political charge against Helen, timing it to affect the recall election, which Helen won.

The IEC stated both Collins and Bruce are guilty of a felony. That false statement is libelous and City Hall will be sued for damages. Their entire case alleges a "perception of a possible appearance of an ethical impropriety." That charge is constitutionally vague. Even if proven, and it cannot be proven, their only remedy is a one-word label--"censure." They are on their way to wasting $100,000+ on this political show trial reminiscent of the Soviet Union in the Stalin era of the 1930s. It's all about image, not reality.

Here are the real charges against City Hall--all documented and all true! Watch them squirm! It is the Gang of 8, the city attorney, and the overpaid Utilities director who should resign. The filed copies of this complaint contain numerous exhibits as public records showing their lawless and corrupt behavior.