2015 Report to Citizens


Dear voter,

I believe the old saying about adversity, “What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.” I welcome this mid-term special election to review my record as your District 4 city council member. I just began this website to list my successes and efforts at City Hall. I was elected in April 2013 without a website.

This is not bragging, simply a factual report on what you are getting for the $6,250 yearly stipend paid to me. Unlike other council members, I refuse the tax-paid meals, pension, and $8,000 yearly expense account for travel and campaign costs. All of them violate the city charter ban (section 13-20 (b)) on council benefits. I kept my oath to uphold the city charter. Some other promises I have kept:


  •  I never voted to raise your taxes or put the city in debt. I will vote to return your TABOR tax refund this year, rather than find some city program at which to throw the money. You are legally entitled to your tax refund; don't waste it on City Hall with its bloated $445 million yearly revenue.
  • I consistently voted against utility rate hikes. City Hall gets $31 million yearly in kickbacks from excess utility revenue called PILTs. They violate issue 300 which voters approved in 2009 to phase out those illegal payments over eight years and lower your utility rates. Raising utility rates without voter approval to give the money to City Hall also violates TABOR's requirement we get to vote on tax hikes.
  •  I am skeptical on subsidizing sprawl. Apart from some in-fill pockets, city limits are big enough. We don't need to expand towards Kansas to help construct more tract housing. That would require more police and fire stations, more roads, more taxes ,more utility costs, etc. Let's improve the city we love (start with filling potholes and fighting crime!) and avoid becoming the Los Angeles of the Rockies.
  • My proposal to reduce business fees passed city council after a one-year delay by our overpaid city attorney ($192,000 yearly, twice the mayor's salary and more than double that of Colorado's governor). The mayor vetoed that $400,000 savings to business owners (under one-tenth of one percent of total city revenue), saying City Hall could not afford it. He then took the plan as his own and got council to pass it last fall! As a sign on President Reagan's desk observed, “It's amazing what you can get done if you don't care who gets the credit.”
  •  I opposed big spending schemes like the City for Champions, SDS, giveaways of city property like Jones Park, and millions in gifts to private companies. I voted against pay raises like the six-figure increase for the head of Utilities, who now makes close to half a million dollars yearly. Utilities has 249 employees making over $100,000 yearly, paid for by utility rate hikes I also fought. Utilities spends millions on ads and gifts, though a monopoly. Its ads tell us to use less. They should spend less, too!
  • I have always voted to obey the state and federal constitutions and city charter, even when the vote was 8-to-1. I will not surrender to special interest lobbying, but will always vote for the public interest.

I ran as a fiscal and social conservative. I will keep that promise, win or lose. I attend many citizen meetings and answer my messages. If you can spare $50 or more to help this campaign, I will use it wisely on honest campaign literature. Simply hit the “Donate” button here.

Thank you for your support. God bless Colorado Springs.