2015 Election Report


We prevailed, 56% to 44%. We were outspent 10-to-1. The special interests (developers, City Hall, the Gazette, etc.) spent over $65,000 in dirty money to shove me out the door. Our incompetent city clerk, who should be fired, allowed them to avoid disclosing their donors. Our corrupt city attorney, who should also be fired, joined her in lying to the council. They would not delay setting the recall election until citizens had a chance to protest the invalid petition signatures. They said the cost of a special recall election would be up to $300,000, when it is under $7,000, and would be even less if held on the date of the mayoral runoff election (May 19).

The city attorney then personally filed an ethics complaint against me, her client. Apparently, no one else would. It was timed to affect the recall election with more frivolous charges. She then wasted taxpayer money illegally hiring a replacement attorney to advise the ethics commission. Charter section 13-90(b) says only the council may hire outside lawyers, so she broke that law, too. The complaint was supposed to be confidential, but it was leaked to affect the election. The ethics commission even meets in the city attorney's office! Can you say "conflict of interest?"

The city attorney falsely claimed I cost the city about $7,600. My signing a deed cost the city exactly ZERO. In fact, the city attorney's complaint against me will cost taxpayers money for the replacement attorney, plus any attorney I hire to rebut these absurd charges. Will the city attorney be liable for those costs? No, but she should be.

City Hall's witch hunt against me cost taxpayers $50,000 + for Denver lawyers, two hearing officers, etc. All that money was wasted just to say the word "censure," which even the council president publicly admitted was a pointless act. I then filed an ethics complaint against other council members detailing 15 specific ethical violations. My complaint was ignored (an illegal response under the city code). As we heard in the national election, local politics are "rigged."

I will continue to serve with honor. I will remain the guardian of your tax dollars, even if council votes continue to be 8-to-1. You did a good thing in rejecting this witch hunt. Justice was served.