I am running for a second and final term on the City Council to represent ALL the people of District 4. Unlike my opponents, I reject the idea an elected official can represent only people of his or her own skin color, gender, party registration, income level, background, disability, or other arbitrary classification. That failed scheme was called "identity politics" in the last national election. It stresses our differences--divides us--labels us. I focus on our similarities and common interests as American citizens, taxpayers, families, and residents of District 4.

At a January meeting, I heard one of my opponents publicly call District 4 a "ghetto." That slur displays her great contempt for you. Is your neighborhood a "ghetto?" Is that how our council representative should describe our community? With that elitist attitude, will she really work for progress? Do you want your vote to endorse such hateful, reckless, and negative views? No.

Look at my past statements on my Menu. I kept my promises in 2013 to work for taxpayers and utility rate payers, not for city bureaucrats. I opposed those huge pay raises, bonuses, and giveaways. I fought the special deals that treat insiders better than "the little guy." I can report some success in lowering violent crime in District 4, getting infrastructure repairs, and improving bus service on Academy Blvd.

Don't trust those who claim a council member can "create jobs" or "improve schools." Think about it. How would that happen? That is the role of the private sector or the school district, not the City. Beware of slick talkers. Trust this 20-year Navy veteran instead.

Your yearly payment to me of $6,250 was your best bargain possible! Unlike my colleagues, I refused the pork of an $8,000 yearly expense account (later trimmed to $4,000 per year, thanks to my repeat criticism). I did not eat their "free lunch" before council meetings--again the only one. I refused the City's pension contribution. Why? I take seriously my oath to the Charter, which says in section 13-20 (b) that council members cannot accept any "City paid benefits" unless mandated by state or federal law. All their council "benefits" are illegal.

I am the only member who voted against the illegal $460 MILLION financial obligation (for 20 years!) my colleagues and the mayor imposed on the City without voter approval. That's because I take seriously my oath to support the Charter and the state Constitution, which require voter approval for any government to put us into any kind of debt "whatsoever."

Now City Hall wants to trick you into giving up your tax refunds to pay for their illegal obligation. They will demand, again and again, we also pay higher taxes. Why should WE pay more taxes to meet a $460 MILLION, 20-year financial obligation to PUEBLO COUNTY?


The Council is being asked to approve a 226% tax increase on your cable bills. I oppose it. You can read here my statement to Council, showing that I am fighting for you.


I try to return all emails and phone calls within 24 hours. I have attended many local group meetings to listen to citizen concerns. My City Hall phone is 385-5492. My Council email is:


Please contact me with your questions and concerns.

I refuse all special interest group donations. Any amount you wish to contribute here will be gratefully accepted as a statement of your support. I will continue to serve you the way I want others in public office to serve me--with integrity and courage.

Thank you.